Our Vision: A world where people thrive through traumatic life experiences.

Our Mission: Providing individualized and relevant support. 


For Immediate Release: 

Bill C-323.

Thank you, Alistair for your ongoing support.

Please contact your local MP and ask for their support of  Bill C-323. 

To read Bill C-323, click here.

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National Day of Collaboration 

June 2 , 2021 is the 3rd annual day of bringing Canada together to discuss the urgent and critical need for integrated brain injury services & supports across this country.

Heads Together Think Tank 

Conversation & Collaboration on the intersections of mental health, addiction, & brain injury. 

We are hosting a series of conversations in June for Brain Injury Awareness Month. All sessions  are free and will be hosted and recorded on Zoom. For a full listing and description of the conversations and to register, click here

Download the full report on the proceedings from the Heads Together Think Tank HERE.

Download the infographic with the Call to Action HERE.


Working collaboratively with individuals and families to move from loss to living. This is all about giving people hope to rebuild theirs lives.


Your gift will help us to support adults, children, and families to heal from a traumatic life loss.


1.5 Million Canadians live with a brain injury and it contributes to homelessness, incarceration, substance use, and mental health issues. The unintended consequences cost our country billions in emergency and health care services. If we do not include brain injury in every conversation we will never have a 100% solution to mitigating these social issues.

Surviving the Perfect Storm

Watch our video to understand the link between brain injury, mental, health and addiction.

Surviving the Perfect Storm: Mental Health, Addiction, & Brain Injury