Our approach is holistic and collaborative with every person. We do not believe in a “cookie-cutter” style approach where the services delivered are a “one-size fits-all” style.

Instead, we work with the individual and families to determine the best care plan for them or direct them to the resources best suited for their needs, and /or help them to find the answers and strategies most meaningful to them. We believe that people are the experts of their life and we are here to serve as facilitators in helping them find the right answer for them.


We believe that not everyone needs a counsellor – but everyone needs a friend. Having said that, it takes courage to know when your needs are greater than what a family member or friend can meet. It is then that engaging in counselling may be of benefit.

In Victoria, for adults, families or parents looking for counselling for children, please call Janelle at 250-812-2962 or email janelle to set up an appointment and/or to discuss fees. Also look under our resource section for other counsellors in Victoria and throughout British Columbia. If you are a counsellor and would like to be listed in our directory, please email janelle @ to obtain information.


Our retreats provide an opportunity for individuals to find healing in a safe and nurturing environment with individuals living a similar experience. The retreats are kept small (6-8 people) and customized to the group. For example, a retreat may be focussed on the loss of a loved one or families living with brain injury.

Janelle Breese Biagioni, RPC is the lead facilitator and joined by a co-facilitator as needed. Retreats are held in a location where the individual stays on site for 3 – 5 days and includes accommodation, meals and all supplies. Please contact Janelle at janelle  @ to learn more or to have your name added on a list for upcoming retreats.


Our Family Dinners program brings together spouses or parents who have lost a loved one to opioids. The premise of Family Dinners is that many of our memories come from family gatherings, sharing food, telling stories, laughing and crying together, and just being. After a loved one dies, it is often a challenge for families to gather and sit at a table. It is painful to know that someone is missing.

Family Dinners brings together small groups for 6 – 8 weeks to share a meal, friendship and the grief of losing a loved one. Family Dinners includes dinner and a facilitated discussion following the meal. If you would like to be a part of this program, please email to obtain information on start dates and cost.